About Me

Deep in my heart, I live in a cabin in the woods, just a stone’s throw from the beach. I spend my days wandering through the trees and beachcombing, my dogs are always by my side, I pick berries and nuts and collect driftwood, beautiful wild flowers, leaves, shells, stones and all kinds of nature’s beautiful gifts, which I craft into stunning pieces of  art and useful things of beauty.

However ……… I don’t like the cold, the wind and rain, my kids would hunt me down and find me and I really don’t much like the idea of having to poo in the woods. I like my creature comforts ….. hot showers, central heating, a flushing toilet, running water, the convenience of household appliances, so I guess living in a cabin in the woods wouldn’t be all it’s cracked up to be – at least not for me. Besides which, as much as I long for some peace from the chaos which is my life I’d miss my family very, very much.

And so, I pick and choose which parts of my dream I make reality …………

I wander through the woods collecting the Tamar river, Plymouthnature’s beautiful gifts, and pick a few berries here and there, I walk barefoot on the beach gathering driftwood, shells, interesting stones and other curiosities and when the weather doesn’t suit me I spend my time making things, my dogs are always by my side. I have all the comforts of a warm and comfortable home, my family is always near and I don’t have to poo in the woods.

Life is good! 🙂